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What we do


The Macedonian National Committee is made up exclusively of Macedonian UWC alumni who have volunteered to be part of the selection process of future UWC students from Macedonia. We create and evaluate the applications, organize and execute the interview process, and act as the main liason between Macedonian applicants and the UWCs.

The National Committee was restructured in 2010 based on the values of the UWC movement. Composed of alumni and volunteers, the Macedonian NC vows to a fair and transparent selection process, as well as representation of UWC on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. 

Criteria for membership in the Macedonian National Committee for the United World Colleges

The Macedonian National Committee (NC) has two types of members, active and passive. An active member is someone who takes an active part in the NC activities during the year-long selection process starting in August and ending the following summer. Passive members are not obligated to, but are welcome to participate in promotional or fundraising activities. Passive members cannot participate in the formal selection process. 

Membership is open to all UWC alumni, including graduates of colleges and short courses, as well as current and former staff at the colleges and the UWC offices. The alumni must be citizens of North Macedonia or have a meaningful present or former relationship with the country.

The primary criterion for becoming a member of the NC is a continuous involvement with the UWC movement of at least 2 years. Examples of such involvement are:

  • Attending a College
  • Being a staff member at a college or a UWC office 
  • Active participation in UWC- and NC-related activities for 2 years, including
    • Participating or facilitating Short Courses
    • Organising and participating in monthly activities (e.g. UWC day, reunions, etc.)*
    • Promotional activities during the selection processes (e.g. school presentations)
    • Fundraising campaigns and activities

In addition to this, all members of the NC at the time of joining must be at least 18 years old.

Upon the completion of the 2-year period of involvement with the UWC movement, alumni can notify the NC of their intention to become a member of the NC by outlining how they have fulfilled said criterion. By default, alumni (upon the completion of the 2-year period) become passive members.

At the beginning of each selection cycle, a call for active membership for the upcoming selection cycle will be sent to all passive members. Depending on the number of applications and the number of members deemed necessary, a selection of applicants will be done by the active members of the preceding selection cycle.

*Participation in reunions and UWC day events without continued contribution to promotion, selection or fundraising is not sufficient for membership.