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Marko Ingjilizov

16 June 2021

UWC East Africa, 2021-2023

Hi everyone! My name is Marko Ingjilizov, and I’m 17 years old. I’ve just finished my third year at Kocho Racin high school, and I’m getting ready for my newest challenge – UWC East Africa. I love debating (on any topic), reading books (my favourite authors: Dan Brown/Agatha Christie/Kafka), and listening to music (jazz). I enjoy history, with emphasis on the classical era, and I’m especially interested in Egyptology. Spinoza has a considerable influence on me, but I also like to read some modern philosophers. Law is an inseparable part of me and my future. In my free time, you can see me running, cycling or working out. You’ll often meet me hanging out with my friends.

Adventurous yet challenging at the same time, in the next two years I see the most beautiful part of my life.

2023  EA