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29 June 2021

UWC Maastricht, 2021-2023

Hi there! My name is Ivana Petkovska and I live in Skopje. I'm 17 years old and I spent the first two years of my high school education in Orce Nikolov. I like to think I'm an organized, highly motivated, and curious person who enjoys the challenges of learning and working in a dynamic environment. I like communicating, I'm detail-oriented and responsible, and I've always been struck by injustice. I feel empathy towards those who are struggling around me, and I think it's my responsibility to change the bad things with direct action. I've been an eco-activist since I was 14, and I participate in a ton of actions to protect the environment. I love nature, travel, movie theaters, and I don't miss a good concert, either.

The opportunity to continue my education at UWC Maastricht, in an educational program which provides opportunities to research and develop social, emotional and creative abilities, makes me endlessly happy and thankful for these new challenges!