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Ana-Marija Jovanovska

29 June 2021

UWC Li Po Chun, 2021-2023

Hello there!

My name is Ana-Marija Jovanovska. I spent the last two years studying at Josip Broz Tito high school. However, I will be spending the next two years studying at UWC Li Po Chun. I adore reading, writing, dance, music, honestly, the arts in general. On the flip side, doing activist work is a big part of my life I’m always up for a good debate and, psychology fascinates me.

I’m on the more curious and interest-driven side and, because of that, new challenges are very welcome. Finding out new things and meeting new people are things I strive for so, I can’t wait to head to my new campus and truly start this new UWC journey!

LPC  2023