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Hristina Gurkina

31 December 2020

UWC Red Cross Nordic, 1999-2001

Hristina Fidanoska decided to leave her hometown Resen and her successful carier as a math contestant in regional, national, Balkan and International Olympiads in order to pursue her studies at the UWC in Norway with a full scholarship.

Her daily life in Norway was under pressure to choose her future profession in one of the selected majors: Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics. Her interest in learning the German language led Hristina to study in Bremen, Germany. Here she acquired a Master’s degree in Computer Science and an experience as a local guide at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Bremen in 2009.

Today Hristina works as a software quality assurance engineer. She spends her free time with her family: the husband Dmitri Gurkin and daughters Lidia and Anna, with whom she enjoys cooking, music and painting.

2001  RCN