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Application process


The application for the Class of 2022-2024 is open until November 20, 2021 at 23:59 and is available from the button below! 

You can find the application guidelines on this link.

Application criteria

To apply through the Macedonian National Committee, you need to fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Be in the second or third year in high school
  • Be a citizen of Macedonia or have lived in Macedonia for the past 5 years
  • Have an elementary knowledge of the English language

A quick overview of the application process

The selection process follows a similar structure each year. 

First round (10% of the total grade) 

The application opens at the beginning of the fall. It may be filled out in Macedonian, Albanian or English. The deadline is 23:59 on November 20. By the end of December, the highest ranking applicants are invited to the second round. 

Second round (30% of the total grade) 

In the first week of January, candidates are invited for group discussions and individual interviews in Macedonian and English. Participation in this round is mandatory for every candidate wishing to be invited to the third (final) round. Applicants whose native language is not Macedonian can opt to be interviewed in English for both of the interviews, but Macedonian will be the primary language for at least part of the group discussions. Within a month from the interviews, candidates hear back. 

Third round (60% of the total grade) 

The highest-ranked candidates from the second round (where first-round grades make up 15% and second-round grades make up 85% of the total) are invited for Skype interviews in the middle of February. All UWC Macedonia members participate in these interviews -- including those who were not involved in the second round of selections. As preparation for the interviews, candidates make videos (no longer than 3 minutes) about their background and interests. They can choose the language of the video, but need to have a Macedonian or English translation available. The videos are used as a basis for the questions during the Skype interviews. Applicants choose whether to be interviewed in Macedonian or English, though the choice does not affect grading. Applicants are encouraged to pick the language they feel most comfortable in.

Final placements 

After the third round is completed, UWC Macedonia makes decisions on the basis of the candidates' performance throughout all three rounds. Each candidate is ranked based on their final grade, and they are offered a scholarship in accordance to their family's financial situation. After a candidate accepts, their nomination is submitted to a College, which needs to accept it. Candidates who cannot be given scholarships for one of the Colleges are usually offered a place on the waiting list or an opportunity to participate in a Short Course. The selection process officially closes at the end of April.