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Frequently asked questions

Does Macedonia send students to all 18 UWCs?

So far, Macedonia has sent students in almost all UWCs. Each year, the National Committee receives a different number of scholarships to different UWCs, and the spots are announced during the second round of the selection process.

Can I choose which UWC to go to?

The Committee asks successful candidates to list their preferences of UWCs. These preferences are taken into account and efforts are made that they are respected, but we can't guarantee that every successful applicant will get their first choice.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is offered in some high schools in Macedonia. Why should I choose to apply to a UWC? 

Because UWC, with its international body of students and staff, offers an experience of a lifetime that is far broader than one offered by a regular school with the same academic program. The way UWC follows the IB is also unique, as schools in the movement often offer far more diverse subjects and extracurricular activities than in other high schools. Additionally, some UWCs offer subjects that were conceived and are taught exclusively in those colleges, such as World Arts in UWC Adriatic or Marine Biology in Pearson UWC of the Pacific. 

I'm in my third year of high school. Is that an advantage or a disadvantage? 

Neither! Applicants, regardless of their year, are evaluated based on the same standards. Applicants in their third year who have applied before are allowed to apply again and will be evaluated only based on their performance in the actual selection process (with no consideration of their performance in the previous year). Successful applicants in their third year will effectively go through 5 years of high school education, since the IB lasts for two years. The NC receives a fair number of applications from applicants in their third year, and many of them went on to a UWC with no regrets.

Can I apply even if I don't fulfil one of the application criteria?

Yes. Send us an e-mail or a message on our Facebook page with an explanation of your personal situation and we will reply after considering your individual case. The only strict criteria are that you have to be in your second or third year of high school and that you have to be able to converse in English.

I come from a smaller city or a weaker high school. Does that impact my application? 

Absolutely not! Current and former UWC students from Macedonia come from all kinds of academic backgrounds and regions in the country. All we look for is that you've done as much as you can within the environment that you've grown up in. 

Does the financial abilities of my parents affect my application?

Absolutely not! The National Committee does not ask for your financial records until the results from the final selection round have been announced. We only ask for financial documentation after the successful candidates have been chosen only in order to determine which UWCs they will be nominated for.

Who is in charge of the selection process?

The application process is fully organized and executed by the Macedonian National Committee, which is composed exclusively of Macedonian UWC alumni. A large number of us still attend university, and we're not much older than the applicants, which allows for a relaxed atmosphere in the second and third round of the selection process.

When do round two and three of the selection process occur?

The exact dates depend on the availability of the members of the National Committee, as well as a couple of logistical factors. However, the second round usually takes place during the first 7 days in January, and the third round happens in the beginning of March.

Alright, I fulfil the criteria, but should I really apply?

If you have doubts that you aren't good enough, please remember that all other candidates are experiencing the same thing! The application will take only a couple of days, and it could bring you two of the most beautiful years in your life

Does studying at a UWC open doors for further education abroad?

UWCs typically have college advisors who offer broad support to students who are interested in applying for higher education in their final year of UWC (or later, if students wish to take a gap year before continuing their education). Many universities appreciate the international experience that UWC students have experienced, and as a result, a large number of UWC students continue on to highly regarded educational institutions.

Isn't the UWC movement bad for Macedonia because it takes away some of its brightest students?

UWC aims to shape independent leaders who will choose the environment in which they can best use their experiences and skills. In the past twenty years, as long as Macedonia has sent students to UWC, some of the Macedonian alumni have returned immediately after finishing their UWC experience, some after finishing their university degrees, and some still live and work abroad. We believe that all Macedonian alumni have significantly contributed to Macedonia as ambassadors of our culture in the international scene of UWC and even afterwards. Some of our alumni today work as professors, journalists, publishers, legal or government consultants, programmers, and in many other fields.