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Elena Panovska

7 September 2019

UWC Li Po Chun, 2019-2021

Hi there, future applicants, scared parents and curious explorers! Elena Panovska speaking, originally a Josip Broz Tito student. My biggest inspiration is reading prose and my biggest satisfaction is running and doing sports. I’m good at maths, but my favorite IB subject is economics. I enjoy spending time outdoors and taking care of the environment. I also love getting into long formal and informal debates about anything and everything. Music helps me relax. I would love having a pet, but UWC won’t allow this, so I already got myself a stuffed cat. I like being informed about what goes on around the world, so I’m using my time in Hong Kong to get more informed about local politics. I’m always open for questions about UWC or anything else! IB is calling me know, so bye bye!

2021  LPC